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Turfgrass Research and Extension

UCR's Turfgrass Team

Jim Jim Baird, Ph.D.
Turfgrass Specialist

Interests: Saving turfgrass in California; supporting my kids' academic and ice hockey pursuits; New Jersey Devils and Anaheim Ducks Hockey; XC mountain bike racing; Pinot Noir.
Marco Marco Schiavon, Ph.D.
Assistant Researcher

Interests: Management of warm-season turfgrasses in desert environments; Juventus Football Club; German expressionism; Fyodor Dostoyeveky; Pink Floyd; Barolo.
Fayek Fayek Negm, Ph.D.
Assistant Specialist

Interests: Plant biochemistry: Enzymology; herbicide metabolism in turfgrass; carbohydrate metabolism; stress physiology.
Toan Toan Khuong
Associate Specialist

Interests: Statistical analysis and experimental design; saving turfgrass; conserving water; reducing alternate bearing in avocado, citrus, pistachio, and olives trees.